[Photo by Curtis Brown; c/o Witch House Public Relations]

Returning readers already know that my #MusicMonday features are always the tunes and bops I’m currently listening to on repeat – constantly blaring in my car, or at the gym, or at work. And this feature is no different. Since the moment I first heard Gregory Dillon's "Alien Boyfriend" I was hooked. And it’s accompanied by an equally as addicting music video - a campy queer retelling of the sci-fi movie Contact [yes, Contact, obsessed] – released earlier this month. It’s so fun, adorable and impossible not to love.

In the music video, rising queer popstar and singer/songwriter, Gregory Dillon explores online relationships through a sci-fi lens that reminisces on his own experiences, as well as pays homage to his favorite sci-fi film: Contact

"Alien Boyfriend" is an infectious, ’80s-tinged synthpop love song, dedicated to the boy he was hoping to meet through his computer screen - while closeted and growing up in a farm town in New England. "In an increasingly crowded queer pop arena, Gregory Dillon is creating colorful splashes by matching his heavy voice to his light songs, with great effect," raves Alex Blynn in a recent Billboard article.

Watch the full "Alien Boyfriend" music video here

"In the video, there are twists and romantic layers to incorporate how I was dealing with my sexuality while growing up... I think back to my last year of high school, scanning through the channels of an infamous chat site, hoping I’d find a boy who would understand me," said Dillon. "Discouraged by lack of vulnerability, I continued following a trail of dead-end encounters until I nearly gave up. Right before I was about to sign off my computer, I remember this boy appeared up on my screen, and from 300 miles away, I came out to him and fell in love."  

From the moment he began writing Alien Boyfriend, Dillon found that its narrative was always vivid in his mind: while scanning the frequencies of his low tech equipment, a lonely boy makes contact with an alien and falls in love. He said the original music video concept was more based on the film Contact (he actually wanted to film the whole thing on a satellite farm, with a crop circle) he didn’t have the budget and had to re-work the story with what he had in my toolbox. 

He decided to embark on a slightly more silly and more realistic approach to how you might date someone in New York City. "What I landed with hopefully explores something both silly and relatable at the same time," said Dillon.

The message of the video displays both a positive coming out story, one that is done on its own terms and timeline, and a reminder for the people that watch it that they are loved despite the loneliness and disconnect that comes with social technology and online dating. Gregory Dillon expressed that there were times when he struggled with ideas like “I need to change/act differently in order to be loved by someone." However, he wants his viewers to know that they must always be true to who you are and sink deeper into that person.

Getting to Know Gregory Dillon

A true 90’s New England kid, Gregory Dillon spent much of his boyhood chasing time on his green Razor scooter and ribbon dancing on his trampoline. Gregory led a secret life struggling to overcome his misunderstood sexuality.

Despite being a proficient self-taught musician, performing his music proved a challenge for the self-doubting teenager, who would rather give a concert in the solitude of his abandoned high school chapel. Toward the end of his graduation he was faced with a decision on where to go. Despite his nerves, he followed his gut and auditioned for a music theatre program in an in-state university. By the end of his studies, Gregory had exposed an undeniable talent for composition and songwriting. Through a sweep of decisive actions, he moved shortly after graduating to live in the heart of New York to seek out the roots of his parents birthplace and focus his commitment to this gift.

Now swimming in the style and nostalgia of the metropolis, Gregory’s 80’s-stained sound takes on a rare pop maturity, all-the-while playing with an electric retro flare. Stacked with a wall of synth and haunting vocals, Gregory Dillon’s sensitive timbre will bring you to a nostalgic place where you are reminded that you are loved. In retrospect, it is clear that each one of Gregory’s decisions to further embrace his true self, helped create the perfect conditions for the full flowering of his genius.