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Spring has sprung!

I've often talked about how much I enjoy the changing of seasons and the traditions and rituals each season brings. 

I love the feeling of the summer's first trip to the beach. I love when summer fades into fall and the feeling I get when I buy my first PSL, or have my first Halloween horror movie marathon of the season. When the winter season starts, I love the feeling when I have my first hot toddy of the year.

These moments and seasonal traditions make so much sense to me. It makes me love and appreciate each season. It makes my year more interesting - and like my style - it gives me a reason for both trying new things and returning to things/moments/habits that I truly enjoy. Many of my friends have heard me say, "It's fall so we need to put on a scarf and jump into a pile of leave as we sip on something pumpkin flavored as I drench myself in woodsy scented colognes.” Or, “It’s summertime so we need to make piña coladas, throw on some fun sunglasses and head to the pool.”  

For spring, it’s no different. The day the season’s changed I covered our apartment in fresh flowers, bought rose-scented candles for every room in the apartment, floral cologne, and broke out all my white and floral-print clothing. I also started my favorite spring tradition - spring cleaning! 

Spring cleaning is a must for me - just as much as pumpkin flavor is for fall and sunbathing is for summer. It's my quintessential spring activity. It feels great to reorganize your life, give your home a deep clean and delete things that were just clutter in your life. To me springtime isn’t just about fresh flowers, it’s also about fresh starts.

After cleaning my home, I start organizing. I make sure to tackle my closet first and donate any pieces that I no longer wear (or don’t fit me anymore). I then move to my office and clean out old files and notes that are just taking up space.

But it doesn’t end there. Finally, I tackle the most important part of spring cleaning - my computer! As a blogger, online store owner and digital consultant I live my life on my computer. So, making sure that my Mac is incredibly organized and performing it’s best is top priority. That’s why this year I downloaded CleanMyMac X to help me complete my spring cleaning! 

CleanMyMac X is a legit Mac cleaning app that does what it says, it cleans your Mac. The app is super easy to download and easy to use. You'll have your computer as good as new and running faster than ever in no time. It's the most beautiful, yet powerful Mac utility I have ever tried. I highly recommend it. It's made my days of digital spring cleaning so much easy.

I needed an app that I could fully trust to make my digital spring cleaning smart and efficient. And that's what I got. In this one tool you'll be able to clean up, speed up and protect your Mac. It's a must-have for all Mac users. It's made maintaining my computer so much easier.

Plus, with all the time I've saved on organizing and cleaning out my digital files, I can spend more time having picnics in the park, dousing my apartment in roses and flying kites... you know, the other fun springtime activities.

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Photos by Daniel Murillo

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