I find autumn such an interesting season. Of course, my love for basic-bitch activities, like sipping PSLs while riding on a hay-filled tractor as you barrel through an orchard grabbing apples from trees and pumpkins from patches after hiking up the side of a leaf-covered mountain, definitely plays a roll in my fondness of the season. But, there's an interesting evolution of fall that really intrigues me. 

 In spring we watch the flowers bloom. In summer we see the days grow longer. In winter the snow piles up. But in autumn theres a longer, more dramatic process. After the leaves turn, they fall to the ground. The trees are left bare, like a dendrologic skeleton. It's as if the color of the skyline is erased or explodes. And even if the temperature doesn't actually change, the world still seems a bit colder.

I've always visualized Autumn as the only season with two parts. Autumn Volume I: where the leaves glow with color; and Autumn Volume II: where the trees stand naked, dark and jagged. I actually think there's a lot of beauty within the bare trees. We get to see the interesting designs and curves of their branches, something often overshadowed by their leaves.

The dichotomous Volumes of Autumn inspired these fall looks. The first features warm tones and vintage vibes. The details of this 1970's top are amazing. The cuffs and pockets and that wide collar. Too cool! I tried wearing this vintage top open with a white tee underneath to give a more casual vibe - but three weeks after building the outfit as I type this out, I think I would have liked to try it buttoned up and tucked in as well. The plaid pants and the boots are quintessential fall - and wearing "work" pants out of the office is a cool current trend.

The second look offers a cooler and darker color palette, with a few subtle pops of fall-esque colors. The shirt from Haspel has become one of my favorites this season. I also tried to dress this look down as well, with jeans and sneakers and the weird half-tuck that I did. But I plan to do another look with this shirt in the near future, using it in a more business casual look.

First Look

Shirt: Vintage (Dizzy Dreamer Vintage - my favorite vintage shop);
Pants: ASOS; Boots: Trask

Second Look

Shirt: Haspel; Pants: XABI
Shoes: Tretorn

Photos by Daniel Murillo