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I hate having dry eyes! It’s seriously (and literally) a pain. But luckily I started adding Rohto Dry-Aid to my daily routine. 

Every morning I start my day with Rohto Dry-Aid and make sure to keep the bottle in my bag or pocket as I run errands and go to meetings just in case I need to reapply. The bottle’s unique tip makes applying on the go super easy. But the cool thing about Rohto Dry-Aid is that it contains a unique formula that cools and soothes burning, stinging eyes instantly and offers consistent and continuous dry eye relief, comfort, and protection throughout the entire day! So rarely do I find myself reapplying more than once.

Being out and about in Las Vegas, a city whose climate is drier than a decade old oyster cracker, keeping your eyes hydrated is a must! Not only will you avoid pain and discomfort - but if you’re bouncing from meeting to meeting like me, avoiding embarrassing itchy, irritated eyes and the rubbing and scratching that goes along with dry eyes is just as important. And being a blogger, social

media strategist, and online shop owner - when I’m not in the oven-like climate of the desert, I’m at home or in my office staring at a computer screen.

According to Optometrist Dr. Susan Resnick, when we spend a lot of time staring at our computer monitor or digital devices, we’re often concentrating on what we’re doing, causing us to blink less frequently. This can lead to eye dryness and discomfort. A great tip from Dr. Resnick is to follow the 20/20/20 rule! Take a 20-second break every 20 minutes. Focus your eyes on points at least 20 feet from your digital device. Keep your eyes moving while looking at objects at various distances. It’s a game changer!

Rohto Dry-Aid makes a difference too! It provides long lasting relief of the symptoms of Dry Eye Disease and brings fast-acting, long-lasting relief for dry, irritated eyes due to overuse of digital devices, environmental conditions like arid or windy weather, extended use of contact lenses, laser eye surgery, or hormonal changes.

Adding Rohto Dry-Aid to my daily routine has made such a huge difference in my life - as a digital dude and a business owner. I totally recommend adding it to your daily routine, especially if you're like me and struggle with dry eyes (or stare at a computer screen all day). 

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Photos by Daniel Murillo

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