I'm definitely not a decorator or designer (despite taking a few interior design classes in college - just for fun) but I do really enjoy decorating a space. And I definitely love furniture shopping. I think I just enjoy style - all definitions of style - whether it be clothing, accessories, or decor. Until now,  I've never really shared a look into my personal home decor, but being in the middle of a new move gives me the perfect opportunity to chat decorating. 

Home decor is an extension of your personal style. What you hang on your walls, and what you wear on your body, both express who you are equally.

Just like my personal style each day - eclectic and created with themes or characters in mind - each room has a different theme. There's a story, a creation and an idea developed. But in a subtle, smart and obtainable (or wearable) way.

Starting with -  "Stage 1" of our bedroom, which still needs a few finishing touches, was built out with both Western and Minimal styles in mind. Like Texas meets Brooklyn. I drew inspiration from road trips through Texas and visits to Marfa. Wooden accents, a handwoven armchair and pieces that could have been pulled from a ranch or farm - make for a cozy, western environment. White furniture and golden lamps (and frames and baubles) add a modern touch.

*All bedding featured is from BrooklinenLuxe Hardcore Sheet Bundle: $239.25 

**Miniature art pieces shown throughout the room are all collected from Art-O-Mat machines from all around the country. Learn more about this incredible initiative at artomat.org

Target, Steer Head Skull: $28; IKEA, Night Stands: $14;
Amazon, Rodeo Cowhide Rug: $157

More fun interior updates to come. Stay tuned - and continue the conversation on Instagram.