Grungy Gentleman Spring / Summer 2018 (Image c/o Grungy Gentleman)

Watching the design process that goes into creating a fashion collection for one of your favorite brands is completely exhilarating. From a sketch or rendering on a page, to the runway of a fashion show, to rack of a store - seeing the clothes come to life will always be the most incredible part of the industry.

I'm beyond excited to share a glimpse of the process, and sneak peak of the 2018 Fall and Winter collection, for one of my favorite menswear brands Grungy Gentleman.

If you're not familiar with the brand, Grungy Gentleman is a New York-based men's lifestyle brand that seamlessly combines design, digital media and commerce with the services of a creative agency. The brand is driven to create an innovative culture where fashion, sports and entertainment converge. It promotes the expression of individuality to both high fashion and urban cultures through their product lines, website and online store.

Speaking to Grungy Gentleman's clothing line - It's actually really cool to see a brand seamlessly merge a sporty, athletic style with a sophisticated style in such an honest way. It's celebrating two realms or industries that often intersect - but in a really simple and tasteful way. Something I think the menswear audience finds refreshing.

According to the brand's website, a Grungy Gentleman is described as a collector, a gentleman, a rebel spirit and a man who stands apart. He is building a style collection with thoughtful details and masculine simplicity. He is bold, brilliant, has fierce taste, pours life into his passion and is one who takes risks.

In honor of New York Fashion Week: Men's and the Grungy Gentleman Fall/Winter '18 show coming up at the beginning of February, I'm collaborating with their team to share this awesome preview of what we can expect on the runway and for the brand's Fall collection.

The preview rendering from the designer depicts a line of tri-colored, color-blocked crewnecks that bare the brand's signature six-stripe detail. The colors are cool and bold, but not overbearing. I'm really digging the "dazzling blue" and "blue depth" hues. The pieces feel stylish, but also smart and masculine. It makes me excited to see these guys during NYFWM, the rest of what the brand has in store for us - and excited to snatch these up when they hit the website come Fall.

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