I love face masks. I love DIY. So obviously these quirky, little Slurpee-shaped guys are right up my alley. I was beyond excited to test them out - and pretty floored when I realized... they aren't just fun. They actually work! 

Dr. Jart+ (insert praise hands emoji) is a South Korean skincare brand started in 2004 by Dr. SungJae Jung and Chin Wook Lee. I was introduced to the brand a couple years ago when a friend handed me their Ceramidin Lipair lip balm. Never has a lip balm felt so incredible and actually treated my dry lips without leaving them oily. After that, well, I'm sure you've seen the brand pop up in a ton of my skincare / grooming  stories and social post. Like the Water Fuse Hydro line, which I still swear by. 

The Shake and Shot DIY rubber mask, is super easy and fun to make. You simply pour the contents of two ampoules into the cup, place the lid back on, and shake (covering the hole of the mouth where the spatula pokes out). It's crazy - you can feel the liquid mixture form into a creamy solid as you shake. Apply with the included spatula. And wait for about 20 minutes before peeling off. It's the coolest feeling. The mask goes from cream to rubbery sheet, making removal super easy - but with none of the four masks did I ever feel the change. It was never, hard or drying or itchy like other face masks that I've tried. And the effects seem to last a while! I could honestly tell the active ingredients had penetrated my skin's surface. I was super impressed to say the least

The Hydro Shake and Shot mask leaves your skin healthy-looking and dewy, combating dry skin. The Soothing mask combats redness and irritation. The Firming mask combats fine lines and wrinkles, and supplies elasticity. The Brightening mask fights dark spots and helps to even out skin tone. 

Visit the Dr. Jart+ website for more info. And visit Sephora to browse and purchase their current products.