Fun fact, my mom works in orthodontics. So having a nice smile has always been super important to me. For quite some time now I've actually been wanting to add more smile and healthy teeth content to my grooming posts. Personally, I think adding a step or two to our daily grooming routines that focus on making sure our teeth look as best as they can is just as important as skin or hair. A few of the natural remedies I use to implement in my routines were brushing with a baking soda, occasional coconut oil pulling, and using hydrogen peroxide as a rinse.

To be honest the best way to ensure that your teeth are in tiptop shape is to simply avoid food and drinks that stain your teeth, brush and floss twice daily, and make regular dentist visits. To make sure they are visually more stunning, you can look into a professional whitening system. With the whitening, and these best practices for teeth maintenance, you'll be sure to have and keep a radiant smile.

Unfortunately - I'm human - and completely and totally addicted to coffee. So I do have light stains on my teeth that are starting to bother me. Despite all my efforts with natural remedies, they just weren't as effective as I had hoped. The over-the-counter solutions are too gimmicky and I'm not completely sure I trust my teeth won't fall out to be honest... I knew I needed to take my own advice and look into a professional whitening system, but was having a hard time finding time to go to the dentist just for impressions and a hard time wrapping my head around the huge sum of money I needed to fork over to get the system.

Luckily, around the same time I was introduced to Smile Brilliant - the coolest teeth whitening brand I've tried in years! With their system, you receive the material you need to create your own impression at home (it was super easy), and you mail it out to their team and you receive custom fitted trays back. The kit comes with whitening gel and optional desensitizing gel to use in your custom trays. Within 7 uses you'll see a noticeable difference in color.

The best part - not only is it easy and time efficient - Their systems start at $129! I literally got the same professional kit, sent to my door, for less than half the price I was going to pay at the dentist. I highly recommend trying it out. A nicer smile can make all the difference.

Before; After 7 applications. Check back to see the results after my final application.

*Thank you to Smile Brilliant for kindly sending product for this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own.