I'm one of those strange people that actually get excited about holiday shopping. I love the thought of giving someone something special and seeing their reaction. In my mind it's a testament of how much that person means to me, how much I appreciate them, or how well I know them. It's a fun way for me to prove that I genuinely think this person is awesome. 

Putting some thought into a gift really does resonate within the receiver. But I can certainly see why some shoppers get overwhelmed by the season of giving. The pressure, the time, the money. It's a bit tedious at times, and I mean, there's just so many things to choose from when shopping. That's why I put together this gift guide! Hopefully this will save you time - and money, since everything I selected is $50 and under. Perfect for holiday shopping on a budget!

Below I have 50+ unique and thoughtful gift ideas for any of the guys in your life - whether he be a fashion fanatic, urban gentleman, frequent traveller, or anything in between.

T H E  C I T Y   S L I C K E R

Alternative, Champ Eco-Fleece Sweatshirt; $50
Converse, Mens Sneakers; $49
Grungy Gentleman, 6 Stripe Game Changer Hat; $50

 T H E  F I T N E S S   G U R U

Newchic, Mens Fitness Shorts; $21
Everlast, Pro Jumprope; $19
Newchic, Fitness Tank Top; $11
JFC, Fitness Tracker; $29

T H E  H O M E  B O D Y

Crate & Barrel, Weldon Taupe Throw; $39
Crate & Barrel, Bodum French Press; $40
Crate & Barrel, Bedside Alarm Clock; $39

T H E  O U T D O O R S M A N

T H E  P E T  O W N E R

Crate & Barrel, Out of My Box Dog Collar; $40
Crate & Barrel, Dog Mugs Set, $45
Crate & Barrel, Black Dot Dog Bowl, $19

T H E  P R E T T Y  B O Y

Baxter of California, Facial Scrub; $25
Perricone MD, Mens Travel Set, $45
Baxter of California, Mint Facial Toner; $23
Neutrogena, Light Therapy Mask; $39

T H E  T R E N D Y  G U Y

REACH ITEM: Gap, Graphic Sweater; $79

T H E  T E C H I E

Leatherology, iPhone 8 Case, $30
Macally, USB Adapter, $13
Wild & Wolf, Laptop Case; $46

 T H E  B U S I N E S S M A N

Eye Buy Direct, St. Michel Bronze Eyeglasses; $32
Etsy, Leather Pen Pouch; $18
Topman, Woven Dot Necktie; $20
Newchic, Key Shape Tie Clip; $5

T H E  E N T E R T A I N E R 

Crate & Barrel, Graphite Bottle Rack; $49
Crate & Barrel, Ona Large Pitcher; $24
Crate & Barrel, Orb Blue Glass Ice Bowl; $49
Crate & Barrel, Two Tone Large Marble Board; $24

 T H E  S C H O L A R

Herschel, Class Backpack; $44
Tictail, White Leather Journal; $39
Etsy, Pencil Case Zipper; $19

 T H E  W A N D E R E R

Eye Buy Direct, Fume Bronze Sunglasses; $39
Bed Bath & Beyond, Travel Head Side Sleeper Pillow; $29
Grungy Gentleman, 6 Stripe Slides; $49

T H E  W H I S K E Y  C O N N O I S S E U R

Hilhaven Lodge, American Whiskey; $49
Shoptiques, Rocking Whiskey Glasses; $25
Crate & Barrel, Hatch Decanter; $34
Crate & Barrel, Large Whiskey Rocks; $16