Reporting from Sin City... Yep, I'm still living in Vegas. In fact this month marks my 10th month living away from Manhattan. It's still taking a bit of getting used to. Not being able to walk wherever I want to go... Having to drive a car just to go shopping, or dinner... or anywhere... by itself is a notion that I'm struggling to adjust to. But slowly I'm getting used to it.

Do I know whether or not Las Vegas is my final stop? (probably not) No. But, it's opened my eyes to new things, new experiences, new people... It's made me stronger and wiser... Even more free. For that, maybe having to drive a bit isn't so awful.

This Las Vegas look is cool and casual - pairing my favorite pair of dark denim with a tee from the cool, new brand Daftstar Apparel, and a brand new pair of Guess boots.

Top: Daftstar Apparel ($64)Denim: Big Star Denim ($98)
Shoes: C/O Guess ($110)

All Photography by Irvine Manalang