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The other day my little sister and I were discussing a few things she was being taught in school. She was telling me she was learning about genetics and inherited traits in science class, which I definitely remember learning about when I was her age. I remember building out the inheritance table, just like she’s doing in class, trying to map out the probability of receiving the hair color or eye color that I have from my mom, dad or other family traits.

It made me start thinking about the traits I’ve inherited from my family – some of them I feel lucky to have, like my dad’s green eyes or my mom's awesome smile. Other traits make me feel… well, not so lucky, like inheriting a susceptibility to stress, hereditary hair loss or all of us being vertically challenged (I'm a microscopic 5'6"... Thanks genetics!).

Thankfully, there are ways to treat some of those unlucky traits - and I'm starting now. There's no reason to wait for the worst to come, when you can get a head start now. So, I begin each day with an hour of exercise to combat stress. And I'm using Rogaine proactively to tackle hair loss.

The formula in Men’s Rogaine Unscented Foam is a great way to start treating hereditary hair loss now, even in its earliest stage. It’s definitely something on most men’s (and women’s) minds when thinking about less than exciting hereditary traits. Fact of the matter, most men have a 50% chance of experiencing hereditary hair loss by the age of 50 and can begin experiencing it as early as their late teens, especially starting with thinning around the crown (which I'm all too familiar with).

There’s no time like the present to start tackling your hair loss - so you can focus on those traits that you feel luckiest to have. I’m excited to start using Men’s Rogaine Foam to get ahead of the hair loss that runs in my family (it’s proven to regrow up to 25% more hair in 3 months!), and will be sharing my progress along the way with you - so stay tuned!

Join in the conversation! Share some of your favorite (or not so favorite) traits you’ve inherited: HERE

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