I'm such a huge believer in fragrance being one of the finishing touches to a look - and I obsess over finding the right scent to compliment my wardrobe and my personality. I rotate scents for each season, and for both day and night. So I find myself building a new collection of fragrances at least every three months. Luckily, working in fashion and blogging gives me an endless number of opportunities to discover and test new scents to introduce to my fragrance arsenal.

My newest go-to fragrance is Ralph Lauren's new Polo Red Extreme - a powerful, masculine scent designed for the thrill-seeker who pushes limits to the edge and thrives on extreme sensations. Building on the winning formula of Polo Red, this addictive men’s scent offers a fiery mix of vibrant blood orange, rich black coffee essence and black ebony wood. 

It's perfect for my daily scent, fit for any occasion. It's sweet and energizing, but bold and masculine. It reminds me of exhilarating times spent hiking or rock climbing, or a spontaneous road trip - driving fast down the highway. It's an exciting scent and it has me excited for the fast approaching spring and summer time, and the adventures that await me. 

Hand selected by master perfumer Olivier Gillotin, these new ingredients channel the thrill of pushing limits and sensations to the extreme. To add a jolt of energy, Gillotin uses a high level of natural coffee, as well as a special technique of coffee C02, giving the impression of freshly ground smooth coffee beans. Blood orange adds energizing freshness, while black ebony woods create long-lastingness and warmth. The result, Gillotin says, is an "intoxicatingly bold and rugged scent."

Fragrance: Ralph Lauren Polo Red Extreme*;
Top: Boohoo; Jacket: Zara; 
Denim: H&M; Boots: Zara; Belt: Boohoo
Sunglasses: Etalon;

All Photography by Irvine Manalang

*Thank you to Ralph Lauren for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own.