(Photos by Courtney Charles

"Chapter One. He was too romantic about Manhattan, as he was about everything else. He thrived on the hustle bustle of the crowds and the traffic..." Said Woody Allen's character Isaac in Manhattan, Allen's late-70's love letter to New York, narrating as he writes... later deeming it too corny for his piece and revising time and time again. Being a film buff and a Manhattan-phile, I've seen Woody Allen's Manhattan enough times to have it memorized. But, I always loved this specific edit for the character's opening. Corny, maybe, but it was a line that felt like something I could have written myself.

Living here, it's hard not too feel somewhat romantic about Manhattan. No other island can make you feel so small and so grand at the same exact time. Even though time may have changed the facades and streets - once edgy, dirty, and crime-ridden - now flocked with Starbucks and Whole Foods on each corner - New York is still dripping with history. Every block has a story to tell.

I kept this outfit simple. Classic - Like Manhattan and Manhattan. My own modern twist on the late 70's. Denim (you know I love a good pair of blue jeans), a vintage-inspired henley, tucked in, with a simple pair of high-top sneakers. Courtesy of Banana Republic, another classic (originally founded a year before Manhattan's release).

Wearing: Shirt - Banana Republic; Denim - Banana Rebuplic;
Shoes - Levi's

All photos by Courtney Charles

Isaac's Final Edit: "Chapter One. He was as tough and romantic as the city he loved. Behind his black-rimmed glasses was the coiled sexual power of a jungle cat.' I love this. 'New York was his town, and it always would be.”