[Photo: Tkay's Facebook]

December can be such an exciting month with the holidays and tons of cool, fun fashion things going on... But, let's take a minute to talk exciting music news for December! I'm so pumped for the new EP by Australian cutie Tkay Maidza! Her new single "Ghost" (which will be on the EP) has been a repeat for my playlist. In fact I think I've listened to it a million times just today... If that's possible. It's just so brilliant! You can actually check it out on Soundcloud: HERE.

Tkay Maidza is a master at creating a gorgeous sing-song type of rap, that's both energetic and just plan gorgeous. I get a little Azealian Banks vibes from her, but she's also just really fresh and young. She's so fucking cool. Really excited to hear the whole EP and see what else Tkay can bring to the table.

Over the past few months Tkay Maidza has toured with some of music's biggest names including Mark Ronson, Years & Years, and Charli XCX with Run The Jewels and Killer Mike (to name a few) singing her praises.

Born in Zimbabwe, Tkay Maidza relocated to the Australian mining area of Kalgoorlie when she was just five years old, before going on to settle in Adelaide a few years later.

Now after catching the attention of musical tastemakers internationally with killer tracks like "U-Huh," "Brontosaurus" and the Switch Tape mixtape and sold out dates across the US, Europe and her homeland of Australia, Tkay has now signed to Downtown Records in the US and is set to release her debut Switch Tape EP on December 4th.