Three friends reunited at the tail end of summer to embark on a journey. Their physical destination, even though it was really exciting, isn't what made the trip worthwhile. It was the journey itself and spending time together - reminiscing, reconnecting, laughing, and being their true selves - that made the trip oh so valuable.

I joined my best friends Hanne and Veronica for a road trip from New Orleans to Marfa, TX to close out the summer in style and with love. The WearHouse, Hanne, El Paisano Hotel, and a few brand partners joined forces to produce the most striking photo series which will be launching on the blog very soon! I'm so excited to share Hanne's incredible photography work in the next coming days - but in the meantime here are a few candid (behind-the-scene if you will) shots taken along the way!

Shine bright. Shine far. Don't be shy. Be a star! Texas USA.

To the new friends we met along the way.

On the road again. Can't wait to get on the road again.

Getting ready for a slumber party! Work it!

What's a road trip without a few pit stops? Columbus, TX.

Especially if said pit stop is for burritos... (Sunnies: Etnia Barcelona)

Or to see historical monuments... Alamo, San Antonio, TX.

Or to just take in the view.

I have no idea where this will lead us, but I have a definite feeling it will be a place both wonderful and strange.

Prada Marfa, 1837 Miles.

In the presence of Prada, no other clothes are worthy... (Sunnies: Prada - duh)

The incredible El Paisano Hotel. Marfa, TX.

Whatchu doin'? Nothing. Chillin' at da Paisano Inn.

Hey, welcome to Marfa. Hey, welcome to Marfa... Marfa Contemporary.

So aggressive. (Sunnies: Pared)

Bitch. I went through yo' phone. Who dafuq is Pete!

That's what you do in a town where a yellow light still means slow down, not go faster.  (Sunnies: Etnia Barcelona; Skirt: Big Star)

I'ma eat this up like it's last supper.

It's all so strange and unusual. Marfa Lights Observation deck.

Baby, bend over. Baby, bend over. Let me see you do that yoga.

This. Is. It.

This time we didn't make any wishes to the future. We said goodbye to our past.