This summer I've spent so much of my time hanging out with friends, meeting new people, trying new things, being adventurous, being spontaneous, feeling loved, feeling strong, and creating one-of-a-kind memories. It's been fast-paced to say the least. The time is flying by and pretty soon the season will be winding down. For the last couple weeks of summer that are left, I've pledge to myself to take it a bit slower. Focus my time on relaxing, getting to know myself, and spending more time in the sun. I want a chance to reflect on the amazing times I've had. I know being away from the noise and the static of the city, even for a moment, will help me appreciate this incredible summer even more and give me time to recover.

Wearing: Swim Trunks - Spenglish; Sandals - Ipanema; Sunglasses - Quay

Like It? Hype It!

I want to thank Hanne Denys, one of the most talented photographers I know, for such an amazing opportunity. I really enjoyed working with her for this summer collaboration and cannot believe the incredible work that she has produced. The WearHouse District has definitely evolved over the past four years, but has always stayed true to appreciating and working with only the most creative, unique artists around the world - and this is definitely proof of that. Also a huge thanks to our brand partners and the fashion labels that made these pieces possible: Jungwon, Linder, Dickies, Matiere, Boohoo, and Spenglish.

*This blog entry is the final post of a six-part digital series collaboration between the WearHouse District and photographer Hanne Denys, which combines Denys's favorite elements of photography - lines, shapes, and color - with editor Dalton Primeaux's favorite elements of menswear to tell a story about nature, self-expression, and human emotion.