There's no other vacation that screams summer and Americana quite like a road trip.  It's one of the most exciting ways to really see the country. You drive through so many amazing areas - both strange and wonderful - that you never knew existed. It can be so exciting, spontaneous and just downright fun!

As many of you already know, I plan to close out this summer with one last crazy adventure: a road trip from New Orleans to Marfa, Texas with my best friend and WearHouse veteran Veronica and the insanely talented photographer Hanne Denys. It just seemed so necessary for us to end this amazing summer on a very high note. We're just three best friends who want to explore together - and who all really need a vacation!

So with that said, we're beginning to put together our check list of must-haves to help us survive the 13+ hours on the road, and here are a few of my recommendations.

1. What's a road trip without a pair of dynamic sunnies? Be bold, and pick out a pair of unique shades to accompany you on your journey - like the glossy yellow Hi Brow sunglasses from Le Spec.

2. As always, I don't go anywhere without Acure's Cleansing Towelettes. But, they are seriously a must on the road. These amazing little all-natural biodegradable Argan Oil towelettes refresh, cleanse, soothe, and detoxify on the go. Perfect for a quick refresh in the car to remove dirt, sweat and oil - or just wipe off that speck of ketchup from the corner of your mouth after scarfing down that burger you just picked up from a drive-thru.

3. Pics or it didn't happen, amiright? Sure, we can just take a few snaps on our phones during the trip, but there is something so romantic about a disposable camera on a vacation with your friends. Not being able to see the finished product of a picture instantly is exciting, like a mini-surprise. And, reliving the experience after having the pics developed is magical.

4. You have miles to go and a pit stop to wash your hair is not an option. A great dry shampoo is very necessary for the road. My current obsession, Brocato's Big Easy Volumizing Dry Shampoo. *insert praise hand emoji* It's a lifesaver. Not only does it absorb oil, it also adds volume keeping hair looking it's best - which is so important when taking tons of on-the-road selfies.

5. Top's down, wind blowing through your hair, and sun on your face. Styling moment, yes, but no need to arrive at your destination with dry skin and a sunburn for a few moments of style. Hydrate and protect your skin from the sun's rays with Yon-Ka Paris's luxurious Creme Solaire. Your skin will thank me! Oh la la!

6. Also, remember to bring along a great detangling brush along for the ride. Wind-tussled hair often just ends up a knotted mess, so Tangle Teezer's Compact Styler or Men's Groomer is a requirement for any road-tripper. Gently detangle without pulling or breaking your hair, and it's small size makes it easy to take anywhere. 

7. Obviously we need a great bag to keep all our necessities in. I like to opt for Baggu's standard bag. It's so easy to carry and holds a ton of stuff, but without taking up to much room in the carry. It's super affordable, durable, and can fold into a tiny flat pouch making storage so simple.

8. Driving for a long time can become a bit draining. No need to pull over every few hours for a rest when you have Axio. Energy drinks are so bad for you, and that's why Axio stands out - it's a healthier option without that sudden crash. It's the perfect way to stay focused on the road.
Hopefully this post prepares you for your next big adventure and inspires you to plan a journey of your own! Be sure to stay tuned to The WearHouse District for my amazing road trip story later this month - and to see how I fare on the open road.