It's in our nature to be a little competitive sometimes, but I'm not quite sure it's always a bad thing. Sometimes healthy competition can be the thing that drives us, and helps us push ourselves further. It strengthens us mentally and emotionally, so that we can roll with the punches and keep fighting. Mixing a clean, sporty silhouette with innovative luxury textile, this outfit from Matiere is the perfect symbol for the modern, driven young adult - who will stop at almost nothing to hunt down their goals, achieve their dreams, and look effortlessly stylish doing so.

Wearing: Top - Matiere; Shorts - Matiere; Sneakers - Volley

*This blog entry is the fourth part of a six-part digital series collaboration between the WearHouse District and photographer Hanne Denys, which combines Denys's favorite elements of photography - lines, shapes, and color - with editor Dalton Primeaux's favorite elements of menswear to tell a story about nature, self-expression, and human emotion.