So, not too long ago I expressed my hate for summer in a blog post. Well I guess the summer gods saw that, were total upset and decided to do everything in their power to make me love the season. Because so far this summer has been bad ass. From Summer Fridays, where the office closes early so you can get a head start for your trek to the Hampton's Jitney or LIRR (I don't think that was a thing back in NOLA), to weekly trips to the beach or sunbathing in Sheep Meadow, this has been an amazing summer. Just in the past few weeks I've lounged on Fire Island, sipped Patron on the shore of Rockaway beach, and sought thrills at Coney Island. And I must say I've never been happier! Dang New York, you are too good to me!!

Here's a glimpse of my summer so far...

Fire Island have me like... (Swimsuit - Mr. Gugu)
The beach didn't say a thing. It just waved. (Bag - The Beach People; Sandals - Zara; Sunnies - Etnia Barcelona)
I'm shore you did. (Swimsuit and Tee - Mr. Gugu; Flip Flops - Ipanema;
Sunnies - Komono; Hat - Nike;
The most amazing beach-scented candle that I'm obsessed with - Baxter of CA;
Planner - Erin Condren)
Don't be such a beach. (Amazing bayfront lunch at Maguire's)
99 Problems, but a beach ain't one. (Sunnies - Komono; Sandals - Teva; Swimsuit - Nike)
Killin' it on Coney Island.
Our tans may fade but our memories will last forever.
Because 'Merica. 
Sheep Meadow, aka where you can find me almost every Sunday afternoon.
Water gets warmer. Drinks get colder... 
Skin gets darker. Hair gets lighter...
Life gets better.