There's always something going on in the city. It can be so exciting, but after a while I think for me it becomes a little overwhelming. I'm very lucky that I have opportunities throughout the year to retreat back to a simpler lifestyle, one of peace and solitude. It takes these times spent alone, in the country surrounded by green, to really reflect and mediate. It strengthens my relationship with me. It helps me align my goals, face my fears and focus on what's truly important. I take this time to recharge my energy and breathe deeply. But, most importantly these times alone make me appreciate my life and the chaos, culture and beauty waiting back home for me in Manhattan.

Wearing: Sweater - Linder; Shirt - Linder; Pants - Linder;

Boots – Forever 21

*This blog entry is the second part of a six-part digital series collaboration between the WearHouse District and photographer Hanne Denys, which combines Denys's favorite elements of photography - lines, shapes, and color - with editor Dalton Primeaux's favorite elements of menswear to tell a story about nature, self-expression, and human emotion.