Summer Solstice is right around the corner! Hooray! Time for Sunburns, heatstroke, mosquito bites, buckets of sweat, humidity-induced bad hair days... Okay, fine. I'll admit it. I'm not a huge fan of summer, especially in Manhattan. It's just so miserably, suffocatingly hot. And getting dressed in the summer is the worst! Nothing in my closet is small enough to not leave me drenched in sweat. If only it were legal to run around naked.

It makes sense that half of Manhattan leaves the city every summer to escape the heat (and the ridiculous influx of tourists). Unfortunately, I don't have that luxury. But, I try my best to get away to a nearby beach or rooftop pool every chance I can get. It may not be as comforting as an autumn breeze, but it does help make the season more bearable. So, here's what I have in my poolside/beach bag - to help me survive (and attempt to enjoy) the summer.

1. Gray Malin iPhone 6 Phone Case - Obsessed with these cases! It's hard not to get into the summer spirit when carrying this guy around.

2. Archibald Optics Sunglasses - This season, I'm sticking to simple, classic elegant eyewear - and these gorgeous shades are exactly that.

3. Nivea A Kiss of Protection Lip Balm 
- My lips get so dry when I'm out in the sun! Carrying a lip balm with you is a must, and this has become my favorite for summer. 

4.  Neutrogena Oil Free Moisture - Many people stop using moisturizer during the summer, but it's still so important. Even during the summer, moisturizer fights fine lines, wrinkles and more. I love this oil free moisturizer because it's light enough to wear all day - even under sunscreen.

5. Paula's Choice Sun Care - SPF 50, and completely Non-greasy. The best sunscreen ever for an all day visit to the beach or the pool. So lightweight and very water resistant.

6. Peter Thomas Roth Instant Mineral SPF 30 
- The perfect addition to any beach or pool bag. Super easy to apply powder that gives you instant UV protection with SPF 50. Very matte finish, and great for oily skin.

7. Mesh Beach Tote 
- Super affordable, and love the mesh detailing! The size is perfect and not too bulky. Toss in some flip flops, a beach towel and your survival items and you're ready for a exciting day in the sun!

Bonus Tip: I also like to toss a travel size bottle of baby powder into my bag when I plan a trip to the beach. Baby powder is great for removing sand after your visit, especial from you hands and feet - even hair. Just sprinkle some on and dust off the sand.