A great jacket or raincoat can make you feel so safe and secure. No matter what spontaneous weather springtime tries to throw at you - wind, rain or shine - you're ready.

With mercury retrograde upon us, it's easy to anticipate a whole different type of storm. So many things are in flux, but like our jackets protecting us from the wind and rain, we have our confidence and positivity to shield us. Staying strong, we can use this time to reassess, repair and redesign, instead of collapsing under the pressure and discombobulation. When the rain begins to fall the only way to stay dry is wrap ourselves in a great jacket and keep moving forward. With every struggle we keep this in mind, and find security in our shield. If we exhibit confidence, drive and determination we can make it through anything.

Wearing: Jacket - Jungwon; Shirt - Linder; Pants - Linder
Boots – Dr. Scholls Shoes; Bag - Tumi

*This blog entry is the first part of a six-part digital series collaboration between the WearHouse District and photographer Hanne Denys, which combines Denys's favorite elements of photography - lines, shapes, and color - with editor Dalton Primeaux's favorite elements of menswear to tell a story about nature, self-expression, and human emotion.