Recently, I made a year living in Hell’s Kitchen. In just twelve short months I have completely fallen in love. It’s safe to say I wasn’t always sure it would be a fit for me. But, it turns out that Hell’s Kitchen is quite incredible. There are so many amazing people and places within these 25 blocks. The vibe is energetic and exciting, with all the usual perks of living in Manhattan, but still seems familiar. HK made me feel spoiled and realistic all at the same time.

Sadly, I will be leaving The Kitchen very soon. Sometimes we have to make hard decisions, and I chose a path that I think will better me in the long run (and where I’m not paying like 2K for a tiny studio). But, before I pack up and leave –  I decided to have one last walk down 45th, across the Empire Connection trench, to the Hudson – wearing an outfit inspired by HK herself: A light linen shirt, sporty athletic pants (with incredible zipper details), and a pair of kick-ass boots. Oh, and my now (in)famous black cap.

It’s funny, when I announced to my friends my plans to move, their reactions were all the same: You can’t leave HK – you’re like the neighborhood spokesperson. You are Hell’s Kitchen. And baby, I will always be.

Wearing: Shirt - Linder; Pants - Linder; Boots – Dr. Scholls Shoes; Hat  - Tagg