by Elle Murad

On April 9th through the12th, a festival took place. Not a very big festival like the one that took place in California; One that’s smaller and focuses on a vibrant historic quarter of a funky town. French Quarter Festival features great local musicians and delicious local cuisine sprawled throughout the historic French Quarter in New Orleans, add to that just a dash of local style and you’ve got yourself a fun weekend.

While this year the rainy weather stalled the show for a couple hours, it also made getting some great street style shots very difficult. What I did find about the fashions of French Quarter Festival is that they rely on function over fashion, especially when it’s scatter thunderstorms. Outfits were built around large raincoats and chunky rain boots while still trying to stay cool in the high humidity.

There were varying styles of outfits but most people were more focused on staying dry, just a few people decided it was worth the risk.

*New Orleans style at it's finest ;)