O.M.G. I'm about to change your life forever. In this roundup I've listed 6 of my favorite facial masks. They are all must-have item for any beauty buff, ranging from super affordable to high-end luxury. Each mask makes the cut for different reasons although they all equally need to make their way from the store to your bathroom vanity immediately.

A daily skincare routine that includes moisturizing, cleansing and toning is essential for healthy, clear skin. But, these are not the only steps we need to take to have beautiful skin. A facial mask once or twice a week is also just as important. Face masks unclog pores, draw out impurities from deep below the skins surface, exfoliate dead skin, tone skin, reduce pore visibility and fine wrinkles, hydrate the skin, reduce redness, soften the skin, and even help circulate blood to the face. Mosts masks also contain skin-nurturing vitamins... something a lot of cleansers and soaps are missing. They are also a great way to pamper yourself! They feel amazing and give you a little well deserved me time.

Sabon Rich Moisturizing Facial Mask, $30.00; Freeman Avocado & Oatmeal Facial Clay Mask, $3.99; Paula's Choice Skin Recovery Hydrating Treatment Mask, $21.00; Orogold 24K Vitamin C Mask, $218.00; Fresh Rose Face Mask, $62.00; Nugg Anti-Aging Face Mask, $3.29

First, lets begin with the super affordable masks. Everyone that has visited a drugstore has seen Freeman brand masks. The Avocado and Oatmeal is certainly one of the most popular and one of my favorite Freeman masks. It does a pretty good job drawing out dirt and oil, but it often leaves my skin feeling really dry. There have been a few times that I've left the mask on longer than usual, and after washing it off my face was red and dehydrated. So be aware of how long it stays on your face. I would also recommend not using it more than once a week unless you have very oily skin. But, for the price and the pore purging quality it deserves to be recognized.

Nugg is another very affordable brand, which produces masks in single use sized cups. It is certainly fast becoming one of my favorite go to brands for facial masks. So far the Anti-Aging Face Mask has been my favorite out of the few that I’ve tried. The vitamins and minerals inside this little cup are worth the money alone. My skin feels great, it looks healthy and after a couple weeks I definitely see a difference in a few fine lines. Tip: It’s important to start using anti-aging serums and masks in your 20’s as a preventive measure. It’s not just for mature guys and gals… This is a great, fun and easy way to start thinking about your face’s future.

Next up is Sabon’s Moisturizing Facial Mask. This is the newest product in this list to be introduced into my regimen, and yet after just a few tries it’s already made it here because I’ve already fallen in love with it. During the winter my skin becomes a dry, flaky mess and just one use and my face was back to normal. It smells great and it feels amazing. It’s almost like you feel the moisture seeping into your pores.

For any of you who know me, you are familiar with my love for Paula’s Choice! It’s such a great brand. I wish I had an unlimited amount of money so that I could buy and test all of their products – because there’s certainly a long list and a wide variety. Paula’s Choice’s Skin Recovery Mask is definitely a must-have for EVERYONE. It feels so fantastic. It’s so moisturizing, rich and creamy. It leaves your skin feeling healthy and soft. It creates a great glow, and treats dry skin and redness – perfect for sensitive skin and eczema. It even fights wrinkles. I’ve worn this to sleep a couple nights a week, and even used it on my body. I highly recommend it.

Next on the list is Fresh’s Rose Face Mask. It smells good and it’s just so darn refreshing! It’s cool and has a wet, gel-like texture. The Rose Face Mask is definitely a must for the summer when you want to relax away from the sun and soothe your skin. It’s filled to the brim with amazing vitamin to leave your skin feeling healthy. Unfortunately, the price tag is a bit on the higher side for the actual benefits of the mask. It’s worth trying – but not a necessity for a year-round routine.

Lastly, Orogold’s 24K Vitamin C Mask. Man, oh man… Is it legal to marry a face mask? Obviously when I heard of a mask that contained flecks of gold I was all in. Decadence is my middle name. The gold flecks may have been my bait, but after just one try I was officially hooked. Hooked I tell you! Enriched with vitamins (C, E and A), and witch hazel extract, this gift from the face mask gods not only reduces appearance of wrinkles, it also evens out your skin tone after only a few uses – twice a week. I love the citrus smell it has and the way my skin feels and looks after is astounding. I had soft, healthy glowing skin like no other. Very high price... but, you're smearing gold on your face. What do you expect?