by Kaitlyn Morris
 Passion Lilie is a New Orleans based clothing line created to provide jobs for women of remote villages in other countries to help them lead a dignified life. Katie Schmidt, the creator of Passion Lilie, has a few passions of her own: wanting to do something good for the world, fashion, travel and for her business. Combining her own loves with the passion that she discovered in the locals on a trip to India sparked the idea for an ethical fashion line - thus Passion Lilie was born.

Passion Lilie works with two relatively small cooperatives in India that are certified by the Fair Trade Commission. Katie makes the designs here in New Orleans, but she uses the Indian hand block technique, which preserves the artisans' culture. After creating the pattern, she sends it over and the artisans complete the work. All products are environmentally friendly - they are made from natural dyes, and no buying is necessary because they use their own fabric. Katie remains involved through the whole process via Skype, e-mails and photos. Once she receives the products back, she distributes out to stores that want to buy them.


The company is still fairly new; it only began in January of this year. Katie is awaiting her first line to come out, and expects her site to be up by July 15 to have clothing for purchase via the Internet. After that, Passion Lilie products will be entering stores.

Be on the lookout for items with the Passion Lilie tags. This line will help to breathe some fresh air into the fashion industry by bringing ethically conscious pieces with aesthetics different from the norm. Purchasing these ethically made products is a win-win situation. You're helping to reverse the cycle of poverty and improve your world all while being fashionable! Check out some of the pieces from the line below.

You can connect with Passion Lilie of Facebook: and on
Twitter: @passionLilie

(All images taken from Passion Lilie's online accounts)