Over the years, The Audubon Institute has become apart of my favorite childhood memories, whether it was journeying through the zoo or being amazed by the sea creatures of the aquarium.

The Audubon Nature Institute is such an amazing, wonderful presence in our New Orleans community. They have accomplished so many great things, educated many people young and old, and has saved and cared for many animals.

"Audubon Nature Institute is a family of ten museums and parks dedicated to nature. We serve our visitors, our community and our world as an educational resource, an environmental guardian, a leader in economic development and a venue for family entertainment. The success of the Audubon family lies within the individual strengths of its facilities. Working together, they are helping to create a bright future for generations to come.*"

They have a vision that is essentially realized by countless kind staff and community members, and through the generosity of those who have given to the Audubon Fund.

The Audubon Fund supports the basic operations of Audubon Institute’s many facilities. But, it also provides a strong foundation for educating over two million annual visitors, caring for animals, saving endangered wildlife, and creating great places for families to experience nature. 


The WearHouse District will be hosting a benefit for the Audubon Fund on May 30th. Click here to visit the Facebook Event Page. Or, visit Eventbrite to order your tickets now.

We are also accepting donations here to assure that this will be the best event it could possibly be. all proceeds will go to the Audubon Fund.