On top of working for the WearHouse District, I am also finishing up my degree in Mass Communication, working two part time jobs, and I write freelance editorials. It goes without saying that I remain busy for most of the week and get very few hours of sleep. Unfortunately, my hectic schedule and long nights leave me with awful dark circles and puffy bags under my eyes.

Until I started using Clinique for men’s Anti-fatigue Cooling Eye Gel.

A few months back I was browsing the Clinique counter at a department store and decided to buy a few of their Skin Supplies for Men products on a whim. I have yet to go a day without the cooling eye gel since then. The puffiness under my eye went away instantly, and after just a few uses my dark circles were gone. Not only were the results great, but applying feels great too. The cool gel comes in a small tube and has a metal rollerball at the end for an extremely easy and comfortable application.

I usually apply it in the morning before leaving home, but just in case I ever forget, I keep a spare in my school bag. Looking awake and interested in class is always very important. I’ll even stick a tube in the refrigerator for a bit and apply it after I get home from work. Applying the cool, hydrating gel can be so relaxing after a long day! This product is a must-have for any working man.

You can find this product at any department store where Clinique products are sold for around $30, or purchase it here at Sephora.com.

Love and Fashion,


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