"Suit Up!" Two-piece suits. Military structure. Over-sized outerwear.

Minimalism and structure are key elements in F/W ‘12 fashion. Two piece suits inspired by the 1960’s for men and 1980’s career girls for women are very popular this season. Structured blazers or sports coat paired with a wider pant leg seems to be a hot trend in New York and LA, but in European cities like London or Paris, a balanced figure for the two piece suit look is more popular.

A posh, country-club-like theme seems to be all the rage in many boutiques pre-fall fashions, but it is the structured military inspired fashion that is flying off the shelves. Neru collars, long sleeves, pockets, broad shoulders and dusty colors are the most seen features of this trend on and off the runway.

For winter, roomy, over-sized silhouettes in outerwear will be a popular trend among the more fashionable crowd. Seen in street-wear, sportswear and evening wear in all the magazines and fashion shows… this trend is big. A theatrical, exaggerated take on outerwear and winter wear adds a bit of fun, but can also be elegant if styled correctly.