3 Must-Have Summer Accessories for Men

By Joseph Federico, Debonair Magazine

The summer is a borderline magical time where people suddenly get tanner, cold drinks get tastier, and heading to the boardwalk becomes a special outing. During the summer of 2012, make sure look your best so that it’s the most memorable season for you to date. You must be prepared with these 3 essential accessories.

The fedora:

The fedora hat is a MUST for summer 2012. Whether you’re attending a rooftop party, or walking down a red carpet, the fedora brings an outfit together in no time. Think “Man Men” for modern times. One of my favorite fedora hats on the market right now is the straw fedora put out by Banana Republic. The Banana Republic fedora is reasonably priced and allows your head and scalp to breathe on a balmy summer evening. Another great hat is the fedora with a striped band, offered by GUESS

Leather suspenders:

I can’t walk into a store without seeing leather suspenders galore! To me, a leather suspender says “class” and “cool.” Forever 21’s leatherette suspenders are a great accessory for the summer. Even if your pants are just the right size, a nice suspender just exudes “The Hamptons.”


The Gambit Wallet with a zip pouch, from Quiksilver, is playful and fun all around. Who wouldn't love a solely sailor after a cartoonish seagull on their wallet? Summer should be fun and remind you of a time when you and your neighborhood friends chased after the ice cream man. Bring yourself back to your childhood with this product from Quiksilver!

Joseph Federico is the editor-in-chief of Debonair Magazine. He has had an interest in fashion since he was born, thanks in part to his mother, Denise, who exposed him to the garment district of NYC from the get-go. Joseph believes that fashion is change, and is needed in our everyday world … especially in this day and age.