“Shine on.” Water inspired shine and tassels. Futuristic Metalics and prints.

Metallic colors are also hot for spring. This is pretty rare. Metallics are more common in fall and winter collections, but most designers use the metallic colors to play with two of the major themes for spring, water and the future. Many spring and summer collections for 2012 were inspired by the sea. The shine of glistening water and the movement of waves are imitated through long tassels, deep metallic blues and shiny accents.

Metal hardware and accessories, as well as metallic apparel, act as an ode to the future and new age technology. Many looks that pranced down the runways were near robotic. Even the spring prints that are beaming into stores are futuristic. The prints are technologically warped and stretched. Tops, skirts, dresses and bodysuits of these outrageous prints could easily pass off as the standard style of the year 3000.