[Jordy Marilyn]

[The article I'm about to write means so much to me and is entirely dedicated to my friend Dalton and all of my blossoming beauties in this world.]

By Charlotte Caprice

This event will always be a special memory of mine. The beauty of human conflict should be celebrated as we did celebrate our flaws at the Safety Inside Marilyn Manor event. We attended this darling event hosted by the lovely Jordy Marilyn of Marilyn Manor. The event was produce to help raise money for the Born This Way Foundation, which focuses on empowering youth and promoting acceptance. The theme of the event was being true to yourself, celebrate all your colors and accept those for their beautiful colors as well. At the event, we met up with Jordy Marilyn at the Red Star bar in Baton Rouge, where Dalton and I began our night with complementary “club kid” inspired makeovers. The setting was subtle but very comfortable, that is, until DJ Chris Bird and Alex Nunez began to play their music. I couldn't help but get up and dance. It definitely set the mood off the entire night for all of the guests in the bar. The audience was beautiful and diverse! Between dancing with a beautiful, black, natural, strong woman and a pinup, Goth girl with a leather pencil skirt, I felt so blessed to be in such a unique atmosphere.

[Charlotte and Dalton during their makeovers]
I met the most beautiful people at the event. Marilyn is an amazing designer and his clothes speak loudly for him. He had a few wardrobe changes throughout the night. His first ensemble consisted of fishnet leggings, a cross and high-heeled leather boots that Dalton was contemplating on stealing (Haha). His second outfit had me jealous, green as can be. It was a suit with mirror glass perfectly place on the lapels and throughout the bottom of the jacket. Oh, so gaga. I was definitely envious. I love Marilyn’s persona. He is so unique that I honestly feel like it’s an insult to say he is just "free spirited”. Free spirited are those girls peeing on the walls of Frenchmen Street in New Orleans at 3 am with neon feathers in their hair. I'll pass on that description. I don't think there was one song he didn't dance to and he went wild on every single one. I honestly love him for that. It takes so much to let go of humiliation and be humble enough to truly be yourself. In this world, we need to learn that and practice it. Being condescending to others is nothing to be proud of. Just like we need to love ourselves, you do to. Let the love spread and run through our veins like it did at this event.
Celebrating yourself is being you. Why be scared? Let go and be you. There's only one life on this earth, embrace the essence of you.

Before I finish the article, I want anyone and everyone to never ever forget to love yourself. If you can't love yourself first you cannot and will not love anyone or anything properly. Block out negative people. This is the year we separate the snakes from the lion and the leaders from the followers. Do not follow anyone; follow your faith in whatever you believe in your heart that is right. Remember the importance of patience and consistency, blossoming beauties. Love does not have groups or regions. It's a powerful, four letter world meant to show and speak difference into us all as human beings... no matter what belief. The beauty of conflict is the end of it all; the balance of positive and negative. Let yourself be a leader of love, not a slave to judgmental hatred. To know thyself is to love thyself and to love thyself is to love others. Let the war be over. Come home and celebrate your life and inner spirit. This event was very special to me and I wish I could have shared it with everyone in my life.

In this world, positivity and raw faith brings you farther than you could ever imagine; beyond the tallest building in New York City, beyond the foreign cars, beyond that one city vixen with the ass shots and the nose job, beyond all the stars and the moon. It takes you to complete peace of mind; success in itself. To be successful is to inspire those in the dark; to lead and not follow. We all have a leader within us but first one must lead oneself and follow their heart. Patience and consistency are the keys.

In the world of fashion, music, literature and film, we let our perception of sight and sound takes us farther than we expect. We open up our minds to new ideas, new waves of sound and new images that live forever in our minds as vivid memories.

Self love in fashion, self love in music and self love in literature. Express your colors and dreams to the fullest. You never know who you are inspiring today!
Go ‘head, Marilyn Manor. I see you. <3

[But, by expressing oneself, I don't mean letting your beautiful, black, Greek goddess dress fall into toilet water. Yes. That definitely happened to me, of course.]

See you in outer space ,

Charlotte Caprice