The hot hairstyle trend we will see everywhere in 2012 is long hair. For both men and women, longer hairstyles are making a huge comeback.

Once upon a time, longer hair on men was seen as alternative or grungy, but in the new year we will see men taking the time to style their long locks and staying away from the surfer look. With the right cut, some conditioning, combing, and basic styling routines men can have a very chic look even with longer hair.

Women will also be taking the long route when it comes to their hair styling in the new year. The big trend will most certainly be straight, shiny length with either classic or parted bangs. Sweeping your bangs to one side can also be a fun alternative since doing so adds a little drama to a simple hairstyle.

To stay on trend with your hair growth. Make sure you take care of your hair by taking regular vitamins and eating healthy. Fatty foods and sugars can affect hair growth, as well as smoking and excessive alcohol intake. Try to get exercise regularly and get lots of sleep, because a healthy body leads to healthy hair.