We here at the WearHouse District are huge supporters of independent designers and boutique owners. 
They are usually the key to a unique wardrobe, and are a huge inspiration for all fashion fans. This is very true for boutique owner Angie Hebert and local designers like Connie Chiasson. 

 This past week Veronica and I were invited to a sale at a boutique about 30 miles from New Orleans, just in time to wrap up some holiday shopping. Our experience at the sale was fantastic. When we arrived we were greeted by Angie Hebert, the boutiques owner and local jewelry designer, Connie Chiasson and we were offered holiday refreshments like eggnog and cookies as we shopped.It was definitely a very relaxed setting and all the items at the boutique were very beautiful. As were the prices. For that night, the whole store was marked down 15%.

Angie Hebert's boutique Salon 248 is located in a small suburban area in Raceland, LA and is actually an extension to her home. Angie is a cosmetologist who has been styling hair for about 30 years. In the last 10 years she has been working in her salon attached to her house. About two years ago Hebert began selling purses in her salon. She said it was during a period when  there was a major animal print trend for purses in her town, so she stocked up on some purses and sold them to her clients. "With all the animal print in my salon I felt like I was going to be attacked," Hebert said jokingly during our interview. After the purses, Hebert slowly expanded her inventory. Now, she has a whole boutique full of unique jewelry and accessories. 

Salon 248 houses some very unique pieces. Hebert carries both store-bought items and handmade pieces from local designers like Connie Chiasson, whose jewelry line Creations by Connie is full of elegant one of a kind pieces. Chiasson also sells her jewelry at her house in Lockport, LA. And, she often holds sales throughout the year where guests shop for brilliant jewelry and gifts that she displays in her home.

I was very impressed and inspired by Angie Hebert and Connie Chiasson. Starting a jewelry brand and opening a stylish boutique are not easy tasks. They were both able to find very original ways to do so. 
And, Veronica and I are really looking forward to our next visit so we can stock up on more amazing accessories.