Men are starting to feel more comfortable with the idea of wearing makeup. No, I don’t mean “guy-liner.” Men wearing eye liner is old news, and it really doesn’t do more than make guys look like they’re auditioning for the next Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

The use of cosmetics like concealer, powder, and bronzer is becoming more common among the modern day man. Obviously, this is a result of men embracing the importance of grooming and skincare. But, unlike the guys who wore makeup in the past to be campy or rebellious, bending gender rules, the guys of today keep their looks natural and clean. They look at makeup as their best kept secret, not a source of vibrant expression.

A cream or mousse concealer is the perfect way to hide spots and blemishes. A fine oil-absorbing powder (like L'Oreal’s Translucide) can help even skin tones and take away excessive shine. Bronzer isn’t for every guy, but if used correctly (sparingly and not covering your whole face), it can really enhance a man’s look and add color to his skin.

If you are a guy who is open to wearing makeup to hide blemishes or help give your face a cleaner, fresher look, you can definitely try some of these products next time you take a trip to the drugstore.