I have noticed that everyone pretty much seems to own a pair of Toms. They have the "One for One" slogan for every pair of shoes you buy they give a free one to someone in need. Without shoes a person is more susceptible to getting cuts and sores on their feet, which is not just painful; it can lead to disease. Toms has made a promise that with each purchase of a shoe there will be a shoe given to someone who needs shoes. How can you say "no" to them?

It is about $40 dollars (give or take) to buy a pair, which is an average price for really good shoes (they are super comfortable), and if you think about it you are buying a pair for someone else. So when you purchase a pair of Toms you don't have to feel guilty, this was a selfless purchase. Don't be fooled by imposters. You provided children with shoes they fit in, because they give shoes to the same children as they grow. This means they can go to school and learn and help themselves one day. So no need to feel guilty about following this trend, or is there?

What about the families that made a living from selling shoes? They cannot compare with free Toms. Are we ruining nations' economies by buying Toms shoes? There are children who are still starving, but they have shoes. It is really hard to know what is right or what is true. In my head, everyone deserves a great pair of shoes. So I have no problem spending a little extra knowing someone is going to get a pair too. I am sure there really are children and adults who really need some shoes, and that it enhances life a little by owning Toms. But, if we really are ruining nations it makes me second guess it.
However, I may still be tempted to buy a pair of Toms because I imagine a little child being so happy because they are getting this present from me! He may even discover his love for fashion because of these fashionable shoes.
It is cool that this became a trend. I think the intentions are good, but sometimes things we do have unintended negative consequences. But, we love feeling like we helped and made a difference in someone's life. It is our decision to make.