By: Dalton Primeaux

Those of us familiar with New Orleans and its many different districts know each district is home to its own sub-culture. A lot of clubs, bars, and restaurants collected in one district share the same theme or atmosphere, and they are visited by the same types of people. So, it’s only natural for each district to have its own style when it comes to fashion.

The Garden District and Uptown New Orleans are home to many young people and hip areas like Oak Street or Magazine Street – most likely a result from major universities like Loyola and Tulane being in this area. But, for the most part, the Garden District is known for the pricey St. Charles Avenue homes, upscale dining, and posh bars. So a lot of the fashion in the Garden District is very preppy. If one would want to blend into the crowd, just break out some Ralph Lauren polo shirts and khaki pants. You can also go a step further and even add a cashmere sweater to wrap around your shoulders. It’s obviously too hot outside to wear during the summer, but nothing says preppy like cashmere.

If you were to jump on the streetcar and work your way down the city, next on our stop would be the Warehouse District (Also known to some as the Art District for its many art galleries and the Ogden Museum). This is where you will find clubs like Republic or Metropolitan, and lounges and bars like Fino or Lucy’s Retired Surfers Bar. Most of the style in the Warehouse District is conquered by edgy, urban fashion. Some can even be labeled as grungy. This district's style is probably influenced by the unique art scene. Simply take an oxford shirt, cover it with a button-down vest and add boot cut jeans or casual slacks. And, you will basically become a Warehouse/Art District frequent. Add some accessories from stores like Guess? or Buckle and you are set.

After the Warehouse District, comes the Central Business District (CBD). The CBD is pretty self-explanatory. It is the district that houses office buildings and business people. After leaving modern apartment buildings like Poydras 930 and heading to work, most natives like to de-stress at rather sophisticated restaurants and lounges (others rather have some fun at high-energy clubs like Ampersand). A lot of the lounges in the CBD have dress codes, so it goes without saying that the attire most common in this district is classy and a little dressier than others. Think sexy business casual. Break out your ties and sport coats and you are ready for an elegant night. Ladies, this is the best district to wear elaborate heels like Blahnik’s or Choo’s.

Next stop would be the well-known French Quarter. After night falls everyone flocks to the Quarter’s favorite street of sin, Bourbon Street. It’s important when bar hopping on Bourbon Street to dress the part. Girls, hike up those mini skirts and show some leg. It’s safe to say the French Quarter is where you will find a very casual style. The trend on Bourbon Street is less is more and skin is in.

Last on our fashion journey is Faubourg Marigny. Marigny is by far the best place for Jazz fans and dive bar lovers. That is maybe why there are so many bohemian outfits that walk down Marigny’s Frenchman Street. And, you can definitely find some trendy hipsters at places like Mimi’s and Maison. Think maxi dresses or long skirts for the gals, and V-neck T-shirts and skinny jeans for the gentlemen. Tie it all up with vintage accessories and a spring scarf and you’ll look like you could have 13 Monaghan’s menu memorized.

Now, your wardrobe can be on point and ready for any part of the city! Share your new found New Orleans fashion tips with your friends, plan a night out or a shopping trip in your favorite district, and show off your fantastic style.

Gosh, I love this city...