When I think about fashion,swag, and a sense of style, the first thing that stands out is someone's demeanor and personality. It's in the crazy dreams we express, the kind deeds we do when no one is watching, to the nights we swim with Claire's dog in her pool while drinking Dos Equis. Anybody can go to the mall, a boutique or a shoe store and buy a look but what you can't buy is what separates you from every other human being. And all of that is style it's self. Money can't buy you your signature in this world. 

 With love from Greece, Shanna runs like a wild zebra under the African sun and everything the light touches is hers . Her style is kickin' it with Ariel the mermaid while I fight off Ursula the fat crazy bitch (aka our non existent enemies) . This solstice princess and Venus queen's look is inspired of seashells by the seashore, summertime vibes , Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls. My opposite but complimenting me so well, the solstice to my Equinox and my very best friend. Shanna's swag isn't store brought, but handmade by the hands of Mama Trish and University City. 

What inspires our style: our obsession with Native American culture, intricate patterns, designs, our inner spiritual animal (Lion and wolf),  my deep sea obsession with outer-space, her deep sea obsession with the ocean and our desire to surround ourselves with amazing vibes and fly to Saturn on pirate ships. We have our souls copyrighted, by the way. 

So whether you're going hard in the city with your swagged out leopard jumpsuit

 or just going H.A.M to Rick Ross while drunk on Don Julio with your friends 


 style is only style until you  truly find yourself. What makes you unique will be seen from galaxies away.

Love, the raging sun  and Aquarius equinox Muses. 
See you in outerspace oxoxoxox