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Friday, July 08, 2016 The Wearhouse District

The WearHouse District is a style blog edited by Dalton Primeaux that features fashion trends, travel guides, grooming tips, and more. Above all, the WearHouse District advocates for self-expression, whether it be through fashion, fine art, music, or any other creative outlet. Connecting with young movers and shakers, and other creative thinkers - The WearHouse District seeks to build a new community that can have fun and appreciate art in all its forms.

Dalton Primeaux; photo by whatdomenwear.com


Dalton Primeaux does not like to take himself or fashion too seriously. His personal style is rather eclectic, and he sees fashion as an opportunity to create a character or tell a story - rather than show off a label. One day he will feel rebellious and slap on a punk-rock-inspired leather jacket; the next he feels sweet and timid and will throw on a light jumper and chinos. For him it's all about creativity, self-expression, and fun.

 Currently a full time digital publicity strategist and freelance fashion writer, Dalton Primeaux has also served as the editor for The WearHouse District for over three years. Additionally, he has contributed to several print and online magazines.

Originally from New Orleans, Primeaux moved to New York City in 2013 to grow and learn in the city’s prominent fashion industry. He has helped to produce several New York fashion week shows at Pier 59, Milk Studios, and Lincoln Center. He also worked as a freelance stylist and styling assistant for several designers and fashion publications.

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