Did that title say... *gasp* dark colors... for spring!? Unthinkable!

Styling black and other dark colors can be a daunting task for the springtime - especially during the day. But I'm a firm believing in being your true self, and expressing your personality through style however you want to. And even though doing so may often break a few "fashion rules" it's all about how you feel in your clothes.

Black is my favorite color to wear (and I think it goes well with my new short, blonde hairstyle), so even though I love wearing bold colorful pieces during spring and summer, I can never fully ignore the darker color pieces in my wardrobe. 

When building a darker daytime look, I usually opt for shorter sleeves, and more comfy fabrics. But for me, the key is balancing the dark color with lighter accessories - like these awesome (and super comfy and stylish) casual, knit sneakers by Dockers. The light and neutral color of the shoes bring us back to spring time.

Shirt, Pants, Shoes: Dockers

Photos by Tyler Mills