OMG SoOo everyone's been asking me for my skincare routine! JK JK lolz [I love that meme; influencers are a funny people]. But honestly, I was recently asked by a work colleague to offer him a few skincare recommendations. Being a blogger/writer/reviewer I always love any opportunity to craft a good list of products and share my vast knowledge... *cough* *cough* urrrrgh okay, average grasp of men's skincare. So I actually emailed him a bunch of my favorite products. At the end of the email I wrapped it up by saying, "I may actually make this into a blog post because it's a pretty darn good list!" SO, yeah. Here's the post.

My favorite retinol product is Lancome's retinol night treatment. It's one of the best wrinkle treatments for deep forehead lines (which I have!). And I also noticed some dark splotches disappear, so I use it for that too. After one week you will definitely see a difference.

Microdermabrasion is also awesome for lines/wrinkles! Having professional microdermabrasion done regularly can get pretty pricey - but if you have the budget I'd highly recommend. I definitely don't. So I do microderm treatments at home with PMD. It's probably one of my top 5 favorite skincare items I have ever reviewed. It makes your face and neck look so healthy. It eliminates lines, pores, and blemishes by basically sanding off the down layer of skin. It can be pretty harsh. So I only use it twice per month max. 

In between sessions, I use Knight Co.'s face scrub to polish and exfoliate - which is really important. It keeps your skin clean and fresh. So when you use serums and treatments your face absorbs more of the product. And this scrub is pretty gentle, so you can use it twice per week. And Knight Co. has a really great everyday face cleanser too if you haven't found one you like yet.

For moisturizers, Clinique for Men is the absolute best. And it has SPF so it's good when you're doing retinol treatments. You might want to try a toner before applying it. It helps tighten pores and fights against pore clogging. I don't feel strongly about any one toner to be honest, but this rose water one is what I use. I also use an under eye cream by Baxter of California every single morning to moisturize the skin around my eyes. It's hands down one of my favorite skincare/grooming products. It's pretty affordable, and it works so well. 

Two of my favorite skincare companies are Dr. Jart and Algenist. There hasn't been a single product from either that I've been disappointed by. Dr. Jart's Water Fuse collection has been a lifesaver for my skin, especially living in this dirty, dry desert. The gel feels so nice! I'll use it in place of a morning moisturizer when I need extra hydration. Also I just love the healthy, dewey finish it gives my skin.

Algenist's eye treatment is awesome. I use it at night, or in place of the Baxter eye cream in the morning - a couple of times a month. Literally murders all dark circles and eye lines/wrinkles. Algenist also has a great clay mask for pore cleansing if you have oily skin or small break outs. But it is a little messy, I feel like after I wash it off my whole bathroom is red... 

The most amazing product ever is Algenist's Power Night Serum. I'm assuming it has water from the fountain of youth in it, because when I use it my skin looks perfect. With retinol treatments and microderm and clay masks and millions of other things I do to my skin... My face can get super tired and irritated. So I usually apply this at night before bed to soothe and heal it. It's pricey - but oh my god so freakin' worth it! After one use my face is noticeably softer, firmer and brighter. It's so good.

Lastly, if you want to be really extra - buy a face roller. Just massage your face with it every night and morning. It'll keep your chin, cheeks and forehead firm - so less wrinkles. Sounds silly, but it definitely worked for me. And it just kind of feels nice so it's good for stress relief.