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Beginning a new year and having that rejuvenating, fresh start is always something I look forward to. I’ve grown into such a sucker to New Year resolutions – but only the really good resolutions: the ones that are smart and fun, and not super cliché. You can try something new, or break out of your comfort zone. [Ask a friend to assign you a fun resolution] You can try to revisit a hobby you used to love. A good resolution is when you think outside the box! It’s the best way to start the year off.

This year I have a couple resolutions I’ve started. First, I miss reading. So, I plan to read at least one book a month (currently reading Into the Wild). Second, everyone dedicates their resolution to health and fitness… But this year I want to try something new that’s just as beneficial. I plan to focus on your financial fitness! As a creative, business owner and young professional it’s smart for me to start consciously thinking about ways I can better my finances, my investments and my personal credit.

And my first step was reaching out to Lexington Law Firm for a credit consultation.

If you’re not familiar with Lexington Law Firm, they are actually the oldest (and one of the most reputable) teams in the credit repair space. Lexington Law Firm is actually who spearheaded the creation of legal-based solutions for the credit repair industry. They have the legal experience and technology necessary to both advocate and drive results for consumers. They offer affordable access to the legal expertise and resources necessary to navigate the complexities of credit repair, truly democratizing the credit repair industry.

A service like this is so incredibly helpful, and so many people can benefit. The thing is, there’s a lot of people that don’t realize the impact derogatory marks from a creditor has on their credit, or they don’t realize the importance of a healthy credit score. While a late payment or negative mark may seem harmless, it can actually have some pretty serious consequences (in some instances staying on your report for seven years). Essentially, a FICO® Score uses an algorithm that takes into account your credit files across the three main credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion) to calculate one’s lending risk. As the gold standard, 90 percent of financial institutions base their lending decisions on FICO.  

Improving your credit score definitely can take some time, but it can be done! According to the Lexington Law Firm team, everyone has the right to good credit and the law is on our side to help them fix mistakes. The downside however, is that fixing errors isn’t always easy. That’s way having a partner to help correct errors and advocate for your right to good credit is often needed. Lexington Law Firm can navigate the credit repair process to fight for their clients’ rights to good credit.

Best of all, Lexington Law Firm has long-standing relationships with all three of the credit bureaus and a deep expertise in knowing how getting errors removed works. This enables the team to communicate more routinely and efficiently for their clients.

I like working with Lexington Law Firm because I know that I am working with experts that have a deep knowledge of consumer protection laws and know how to leverage them. They’re giving me peace of mind knowing legal experts are going to fight for my rights. Like a group of legal, credit-battling super heroes.

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