I must to say, this summer (when it comes to fashion trends), has already become one of my favorites! It looks like it'll be a fun one! 

In the next few months, menswear will be taken over by the dad shoe and metal frame sunglasses. These will be by far two of the hottest items in men's accessories. We can also expect to see both modern and retro takes on the knitted polo and floral-prints. It's so fun to see designers interpret and serve a style or trend in their own unique ways. 

One of my favorite trends we can expect is a decadent spin on summer's item of necessity - shorts! Brands have been displaying a wide range of shorts with details that we often see reserved for slacks or more "dressy" pants - such as pleats, stripes, tailoring, and more formal fabrics. Both super short and super long lengths across the board. It's as if they just took scissors to typical pants. And I love it. 

Another fun favorite is the wide use of primary colors for summer - true blue, red and (my personal favorite for the season) yellow hues are represented across so many channels. You'll even spot them in most of the items that make up my list below.

So, without further delay, here are some of my favorite trends for men's summer style and items that I love from each!

K N I T  W I T

Lacoste x Novak, Men's Polo; $48
Burberry, Knit Collar Polo Shirt; $322
John Smedley, Knitted Polo Shirt; $158
Baracuta, Knit Polo; $134

F A N C Y  S H O R T S

H&M, Slim Fit City Shorts; $24.99

T O T A L L Y  W I R E D

Garrett Leight, Hampton Clip-on Sunglasses; $485
Primeaux, Rose Gold Buttery Sunglasses; $27.99
Garrett Leight, Clubhouse Modified Aviator Sunglasses; SALE $297

D A D  K N O W S  B E S T

Stella McCartney, Eclypse White Sneakers; $685
Brandblack, Aura Sneakers; $200
Gucci, Rhyton Sneaker; $740
FILA, Mindblower Sneaker; $95

F L O W E R  P O W E R

Primeaux, Lemon Short Sleeve Shirt; $32.99
Primeaux, Summer Floral Hawaiian Shirt; $26.99
Topman, Floral Print Shirt; $55