Recently I made plans to travel to New Orleans. But instead of hopping on a plane like usual, Max and I decided to turn our travels into an adventure. Over three days we drove through Nevada, Arizona, Texas and Louisiana - with Max in his little car seat and our handy disposable cameras in tow. We made sure to snap candid shots of all our favorite stops along the way.

We left Las Vegas and began our Route 66 journey at Seligman, Arizona. We made a pitstop at Flagstaff, AZ, where Max played at Thorpe Park Bark Park and I took in the scenery at the Lowell Observatory. There was a fun tourist center and Native American gift shops at Lupton, Arizona right before entering New Mexico. In Santa Rosa, New Mexico,  just off the Interstate there's the "Blue Hole," a small pond that's a beautiful sapphire color and over 80 feet deep. Past miles and miles of windmills, we found the Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, Texas. We snapped a shot of a cool statue made out of car parts in Raceland, Louisiana. We spent hours wandering through Kenny Hill's incredible sculpture garden in Chauvin, Louisiana. And lastly, we wandered the streets of New Orleans and grabbed an incredibly delicious snowball at the famous Hansen's Snow-Bliz - to celebrate a journey very well spent!