#TBT with Collectively

Thursday, April 27, 2017 Dalton Primeaux

(Photo by Tiffany Zamora; Original post: November 2016)

I'm easily described as a nostalgic person. Throwback Thursday is quite often my time to shine. #TBT. Finding myself sifting through old photos and old blog posts searching for some fun flashback posts to share, I began to think about the past several years spent blogging. I'm still quite shocked at how long I've been sharing my life with you guys. How much has happened since then. All the stories. All the travels. The hairstyles. The outfits. The polaroids and disposable camera prints. How many incredible people I've met doing what I loved. And, what has blossomed from it.

The WearHouse District has come such a long way since its launch in 2011. Through the last six years it's been through a few changes and updates, from online magazine to style guide to a more candid look into my life, travels, and wardrobe. It truly started as a hobby, a labor of love, simply with the goal of connecting and inspiring people through art and fashion. My goal was always to create a community and a discussion, and really just have fun with it. I never thought that The WearHouse District would morph into not only a personal style blog, but also a business.

It's because of the support from my readers, my friends, and the incredible people within this industry that I remain inspired and continue to share my story. Agencies or communities, like Collectively Inc, who connect bloggers and influencers with each other or with brands that are looking to tap into the digital world, have been one of the main reasons that I've been able to evolve this website into something larger and more meaningful than its initial inception.

Not only has the Collectively team been incredibly kind and supportive through every collaboration or digital venture of mine, but they've also taken the time to understand the general process of blogging - and more specifically, my personal process and my strengths and variations from other blogs. There's time and money that goes into creating a blog post. There are only certain brands that truly make sense for my story. Collaborations should always excite my readers and myself. They should always keep my creatively stimulated, and even challenged. The Collectively team has always understood that.

It's impossible not to think of them, and recognize them, during my #TBT walk down memory lane. They are true champions for bloggers. They keep me organized, focused, and most importantly, they keep me inspired.

(Photo by Tiffany Zamora; Original post: December 2016)

(Photo by Tiffany Zamora; Original post: December 2016)

(Photo by Tiffany Zamora; Original post: November 2016)

(Photo by Tiffany Zamora; Original post: November 2016)

(Photo by Syed Kazmi; Original Instagram: August 2016)

(Photo by Syed Kazmi; Original post: August 2016)