Oh, T-shirt, how I love thee. I mean, how could you not love such an iconic article of clothing! Seriously, tees have become such a staple piece in my wardrobe... It’s so fun to dress up and dress down. And the feeling of finding the perfect tee… When you find one with super soft fabric, an amazing wash and fits like a glove. It’s basically magical.

When styling a tee, I always love to go for a retro, casual look. Usually paired with classic straight leg denim, I love to layer button-down shirts and light jackets over them (like this snazzy fleece shirt) especially when I’m out shopping, or going to grab tea or a quick lunch with a friend. It’s such an easy way to look stylish – without having to try too hard.

If I’m going for a funkier look, I go bold and tuck my tee. Yep. That’s right. I love the look. Tucking into denim is a bit of a fashionably old-fashion look, and many claim it as a fashion no-no. But, a fun striped print T-shirt and vintage denim… I just can’t help it. That’s the beauty of a good tee.

Shared your favorite way to style your tees here.

T-Shirt: Old Navy ($14.94); Shirt: Old Navy ($44.94)
Denim: Big Star

All Photography by Tiffany Zamora

*Sponsored by Old Navy