[Photography by Syed Kazmi]

As we move into August and summer is slowly coming to a close, I wanted to plan one last weekend getaway before Summer Friday's become no more. So, I jumped on a bus and headed to the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia.

I took in the sights and found myself amazed by the city's gorgeous architecture. The streets were pumped with history and stories of our forefathers. But, there was also a unique, modern culture alive in the city - seen in the restaurants and shops about town. After nightfall, the city really came to life. Gaggles of young people flocked downtown to dance and have fun. It was an environment and a nightlife like I've never seen - both energetic and welcoming.

I had such a fantastic time, and was so happy I brought along my SWISSGEAR to help me make the most of the trip. The brand's luggage is such a great quality for how lightweight they are. Whether it be by plane, train, or bus - this hard case carry-on suitcase is like my new little travel buddy. He's so reliable. And, my absolute favorite is my backpack. Often times I reach for this sort of utility backpack for a hiking or camping trip - but until now I didn't know how truly versatile this bag is. After seeing how comfortable and practical it is in a city setting while exploring Philly, very excited to start incorporating it into my everyday life back in NYC.

Partnered with SWISSGEAR

All images by Syed Kazmi