Shirt: Scotch and Soda; Sunglasses: EyeBuyDirect (Photos: Courtney Charles

Greeted by golden lions, and a white iron gate – the entrance to the last house on Bay Walk, beginning to my weekend getaway, and the ellipsis to my affair with Fire Island… 

Continuing my summer adventures and travel stories, I’ve decided to feature one destination that I have frequented every summer since my move to New York, but have never taken the time to share. Fire Island. In New York City, summering isn’t a choice; it’s part of our culture and lifestyle. Post-Memorial Day, the weekends fill with tourists and the natives flock to nearby beaches and lakes to let off some steam and escape the chaos while enjoying the sun. My escape of choice is the Pines, one of the many beaches on Fire Island and a predominately gay community, which features some of the most extravagant and expensive real estate on the island. It's like HK with sand.

Between the beach and the bay, raised boardwalk paths lead to modern summerhouses intertwined with greenery. When you arrive to the Pines, the Fire Island Clipper slowly pulling into the harbor, strangers wave hello from the pier welcoming you to the island. You can feel the excited energy in the air and hear music bouncing softly from every corner. 

The Pines can mean so many different things for different people. It can be a relaxing weekend by the pool of a [super fucking] chic house, a fun sunny day on the beach, decedent cocktails by the harbor, drag brunches, late night dancing with friends, singing show tunes around a piano (yeah... that happened), bar hopping, casual house parties, raunchy clothing-optional underground parties, glow sticks, black lights, body paint, skinny-dipping, an excuse to re-download Grindr, a summer romance, a few shallow hookups… Only a few hours away from the city there's an island of limitless possibilities. And I love it.

Shirt, Shorts, Sandals: Zara; Bags: Will Leather Goods & here (Photo: Courtney Charles)

This particular visit was spent in ShareGurl’s newest property, The Pines Club. Chic, Chic, Chic. Set along the bay, this house screams luxury and boasts an incredible layout and a breathtaking view. It’s easily one of the largest private properties on the island – developed for people who might otherwise rent their own waterfront home, but instead choose to stay in a more social environment with a full-service staff. 

With a pool, hot tub, sun-drenched rooms, a scenic pond, and so much more - it's easy to see why after experiencing The Pines like this, I can’t imagine it any other way. The property is beautiful and the staff is just so wonderful. It's such a great addition to the ShareGurl roster.

We were lucky enough to be staying there the weekend of the Grand Opening party too. We schmoozed with some of Fire Island's coolest frequenters. A few cocktails in, we dove into the pool. We laughed. We sunned. We drank some more. It was a fantastic evening - and so exciting to celebrate with their team.

Shirt, Shorts: Zara; Bags: Will Leather Goods; Sunglasses: Etalon (Photos: Courtney Charles
Top: ASKET; Swim Trunks: Zara (Photo: Courtney Charles

Swimsuit: AussieBum (Photos: Courtney Charles

ShareGurl, Fire Island's Front Desk, is a team of go-getting gays who make Fire Island more welcoming, convenient and fabulous. They offer amazing lodging options from affordable to luxury, and host some of the island's most incredible events and parties.

Learn more about ShareGurl or book your next trip at, and be sure to follow @ShareGurl to stay up to date on all their fabulous events this summer!

Photos by Courtney Charles