(Photos by Courtney Charles

Best part of springtime in the city has to be the beginning of rooftop season. There's nothing like sipping cocktails in the clouds amidst a scenic skyline backdrop. One of my favorites being the rooftop at the Met; The view is breath-taking and the drinks are delicious. The best part would have to be that every season (for the past 4 years) the Roof Garden Commission hosts a new exhibit atop the museum - often ones that completely knock my socks off and have me (and everyone else) reaching for our phones to take the perfect Snapchat.

This season is no different, and possibly one of my favorite exhibits so far. British artist Cornelia Parker created a replica of the house from Psycho to sit atop the Met. Her initial idea when first commissioned was to create something architectural to play with the city's modern skyline. Originally Parker played with the idea of a barn, inspired by New York artist Edward Hopper, who often painted structural images. Hitchcock when producing the movie Psycho drew from Hopper's paintings as well when designing the Bate's home - Specifically one called House By the Railroad. This connection is what essentially drew Parker to design the structure based on the house from Psycho (and because a barn would have been to big to fit the roof). Interesting enough, Parker, still drawn to the wholesomeness on a barn (especially when juxtaposed to the sinister symbol of the house from Psycho), built the house using remains of an old, decaying barn. Thus, Psycho Barn...

Being an art nerd, and horror movie buff I knew I had to see the piece. And I can promise I was not disappointed! It's so incredible in person and a visit to the Met roof is something I always cherish. 

Wearing: Jacket - Members Only; Shirt - Zara; Denim - Forever 21;
Shoes - Ben Sherman; 

All photos by Courtney Charles

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