(Photos by Courtney Charles

Let me take a not so huge leap and assume that everyone is like me and spends a huge portion of their day staring at a computer screen… And when you aren’t you are most likely staring at the screen of a phone or a television. Obviously, that’s not necessarily the healthiest of habits for our eyes. The blue light from our screens is actually very harmful – if you weren’t aware of that. Working in the digital industry, and as a writer and blogger, the majority of my time has been spent absorbing this harsh light. I’ve utilized apps like Flux to lessen the damage. In the office or amongst friends I’m like an anti-blue-light advocate; it's something I've verbally expressed disdain for. The headaches alone are enough to get frustrated with, amiright? So obviously when I heard that one of my favorite eyewear brands developed a safeguard way to protect our eyes from blue light - I was all for it.

Eye Buy Direct, an amazing online retailer for all eye wear - from sunnies to eye glasses, created Blue lenses, designed to help protect our eyes from HEV blue light emitted by digital screens. Shielding our eyes from phones, computers, and tablets is important since extended screen time can result in headaches, fatigue, and possible eye damage. These super thin lenses are designed to help alleviate any potential problems, and treated with protective coatings. It's an incredible development, and much needed. Best part is their selection of frames is so stylish - so now we're able to be not only smart, but also stylish with our eyewear buys!

I'm so pumped about this brand, and definitely want everyone to have a chance to try them out - and see why I'm so in love! So, I was able to chat with their team and they agreed to offer my readers a discount! Use the code: EBDXTHEWEARHOUSEDISTRICT at check out to snag 20% off your purchase! 

Featured: Theory Frames in Striped Granite, Eye Buy Direct

All photos by Courtney Charles